Travel to the West coast of United States

Day 15 Los Angeles (Disneyland)

Disneylandia: 1955 was the year in which the genius of Walt Disney built the first Disneyland near Los Angeles, whose organization in thematic areas and the festive atmosphere and music have served as a model for the thousands of parks that have proliferated in the world, especially from the 1980s.

Now a days, some of the major parks in the world (especially the four Disney in California, Miami, Parísy Tokyo), receiving more than 10 million visitors every year and constitute a place of fantasy for the youngest of the family and for many of the elderly.

With a growing supply of technological attractions that will add to the classic Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Isle of Pirates, to the House of Ghosts, or the fantastic three-dimensional projection Captain Eo of Michael Jackson, without forgetting the shows on the street or the festival of the Wild West. It also highlights the attractions of Star Wars.

The park is divided into several thematic areas:

- MainStreet: A walk on a bustling street of American principles of the twentieth century. Scroll down Main Street, U.S.A. aboard an old car or a tram pulled by horses. And above all, do not forget to admire all the characters in the Disney rides that take place daily.

- Fantasyland: Once upon a time ... Fantasyland, the happiest of the Kingdoms in which fairy tales and fables become the great classics of Disney. Are a range of attractions celebrating the fables and tales of childhood, from Snow White and Alice in Wonderland until Mr. Toad, Peter Pan and Pinocchio.


DisneyLand - Fantasyland

- Tomorrowland: Travel through time and space in Tomorrowland journey to another planet! Off in a blink of an eye to the conquest of the stars. And above all do not forget to fasten your seat belt. An intergalactic adventure awaits you at every corner of this futuristic universe, with Space Mountain and its unique sensations!


DisneyLand - Tomorrowland

- Frontierland: Way of the Far West! It comes in all its aspects of the gold rush! Frontierland will relive the legendary era of the conquest of the American West. The program guarantees nostalgia, excitement and thrills!


DisneyLand - Frontierland

- Adventureland: Walk into the thick of the jungle! Crossing the Eastern bazaar in the world of Aladdin in which an exotic queen, follow the sound of the bongos in the heart of the Caribbean! Accept the challenge of the new adventure of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril: Backwards! Cross the suspension bridge of ropes leading to Adventure Isle. Climb the tree of the giant Swiss Robinson ... You are located in Adventureland!

- Rivers of America: Los Pirates of the Caribbean (Piratas del Caribe), el viaje por los campos de batalla de los bucaneros legendarios, han entretenido a más gente que cualquier otra atracción en la historia de Disneyland y continúa deleitando a nuevos visitantes cada Day.

- Toontown: The new expansion is Disneyland is, according to mythology, the oldest. Is the city of Mickey, home to all of Disney drawings, from Donald Duck even Mickey and Goofy. In an atmosphere of colorful caricatures guests find the homes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Chip n "e;Dale, as well as the rides of Gadget's Go Coaster and the Jolly Trolley.


DisneyLand - Toontown

- Critten Country: Mountains adorned by dense pine forests, hundreds of animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Only could be the Critter Country. All of this nature had not been touched by man, where he came lived face to face with nature in harmony. When dusk falls, the air filled with sounds of coyotes howling at the moon and other creatures looking for food. And there are bears on these sites - the kind that crawl fear the explorers as Davey Crockett in their canoes. It's where civilization as we know it is with Mother Nature.

- and New Orleans Square: In the winding streets of New Orleans Square, guests find Haunted Mansion where 999 happy ghosts await the guests.