Contribute to build my World photo gallery

(Shared by collaborators)

If do you want to collaborate with this World photo atlas, the instructions are the following ones:

- The sended photos will be used exclusively to be displayed on this website.
- They must show the most interesting tourist places in a country. For that reason is important that you indicate the name of the place and where it is located.
- They must be photos taken by you. In other words, which are not made by third that could be under some copyright.
- The size of the photos will be 700x525. If do you want, you can send the photos with a larger size and I will reduce it to this size.
- I will try to show the pictures as soon as possible. In any case I will send you an email when the photos have been published.
- Under all the pictures will be shown the name of the collaborator.
- In case of pictures of repeated places, the current photo will be replaced when one considers that sent photo is better than the old one (quality of the picture, sharpness, luz, light, ...).
- You can send your photos to admin@gonback or you can send me an email to the same address and tell me how can I download your photos (FTP, Messenger, web page, ...).
- Thanks for your contributions.