Travel to the West coast of United States

Day 1 Barcelona - Los Angeles - Santa Bárbara (155 Km.)

(in 19 Km.) Los Angeles. rriving at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where they rent a car.

(in 60 Km.) Santa Mónica Taking the Mullholland Drive at the height of North Beverly Hills, may enter into a road with curves around the mountains of Santa Monica, offering a stunning view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. Santa Monica and the villages of the bay are the best, with its miles of beaches. Be sure to visit the pier, Venice, that recreates Italy and the legendary Malibu, with one of the most exclusive environments. The perfect spot for surfing in Southern California.

Venice Beach, just south of Santa Monica, is famous for its unique culture and somewhat peculiar terms. Along the coast are lined up small shops where you can find everything from very cheap clothing to fashion tattoos. "Muscle Beach" is a gym next to the open ocean where many "Hunks" California make their exercises and the sidewalk is fabulous to admire the beautiful "California Girls" skating in bikinis. The actors of the street seems they can mount a stage where they found a vacant space in the sand or in the sidewalk.

Venice Beach

Venice - Seafront

(in 19 Km.) Malibú.

(in 136 Km.) Santa Bárbara.