Travel to Egypt

Day 1 Cairo - Giza - Sakkara - Menphis

Giza: including the pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinos, the Giza complex is one of the seven wonders of the world. Despite the high number of visitors they receive each year, are still awesome to be placed before them. These constructions, which are rising on the plains of the desert, near the Sphinx and other smaller pyramids and temples have survived the ascent to power and subsequent fall of the great dynasties and conquerors.

Pyramids Pyramids Pyramids

Giza - Pyramids of Chefren and Cheops

The Pyramid of Cheops, had 150 meters, 136 meters are now for having lost some of its top. It is the highest of the three and the only wonder of the Ancient World to be kept in place. The triangles of their faces were accurate with regard to height and length and are geared almost entirely toward the four cardinal points.

Pyramids of Giza

Giza - Pyramids of Giza

Chefren is located on a plateau higher than those built by his father, and that is why it is believed that his pyramid is the largest but measuring 10 meters less. Beside his pyramid Chefren built the temple of the valley, built of black and red granite, which would prepare the funeral rituals, and at his side, the famous Sphinx bearing his face. As a peculiarity, Chefren was coated with a thin layer of granite, which lacked the other two, which is now preserved only on the cusp.

Giza - Sphinx

Giza - Sphinx

The pyramid of Mykerinos is significantly smaller, but not for that reason ceases to be prodigious. You can enter inside the pyramid. However, it is not recommended for those claustrophobic because they are narrow roads full of tourists. Inside the same and there is nothing left.

Giza - Pyramid of Chefren and Sphinx

Giza - Pyramid of Chefren and Sphinx

Sakkara: Sakkara, was the necropolis of the capital, Menphis, after the union of Upper and Lower Egypt. Is an excellent funerary complex which highlights, above all, the staggered pyramid of Zoser. Built by architect Imhotep, in principle the idea was a mastaba, that is, a tomb of a single floor with different stays in it.

Sakkara - Pyramid of Zoser

Sakkara - Pyramid of Zoser

However, for even more greatness of their king, architect climbed the mastaba six steps further, creating the only step pyramid of the Old World, Previous to the three famous pyramids of Giza. Moreover, within the complex funeral there are other Mastabas and remains of temples that could be visited, such as the pyramid of Unas or the pyramid of Teti. Many of the discoveries made in this area are fairly recent and still today, is one of the most interesting areas for archaeologists.

Menphis - Esfinge de Amenophis

Menphis - Sphinx of Amenophis

Menphis: Menphis, which was a big capital, are now preserved in a small enclosure with some figures, giants and parts of temples and the great colossus of Ramses, the most shocking of all. The metropolis has completely disappeared and you have to throw a little imagination to rebuild the artistic ensemble.