Travel to Egypt

Day 3 Cairo - Abu Simbel - Aswan

The flight from Cairo to Assuan gives the views of the Nile and the desert. It is curious to see how the entire population and vegetation of the country are concentrated at a maximum distance of 5 kilometers on both banks of the Nile. The rest of the country is pure wilderness. In the desert, the annual average ranges between 45,6º during the day and 5,6º in the evening. During the winter temperatures often reach 0º.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel from Lake Nasser

Abu Simbel: Located in the province of Aswan, Abu Simbel is one of the most breathtaking views of the entire journey. Recolocated thanks to Unesco, so that was buried by water from Lake Nasser, the temple dedicated to Ramses II, was cut into several pieces and moved 200 meters back and 60 meters in height and rebuild it completely, in what was one of the most complex engineering projects in history.

Abu Simbel - Temple dedicated to Ramses II

Abu Simbel - Temple dedicated to Ramses II

Considered one of the wonders of humanity and one of the great mysteries of the Old World. Dedicated to the three deities, Ra, Amon and Ptah. The miracle happens on March 21 and September 21 when the sun´s rays enter the temple and illuminate the gods Ra and Amon, while Ptah, god of darkness, remains in darkness.

Abu Simbel - Temple of Ramses II

Abu Simbel - Interior of the temple dedicated to Ramses II

The entire temple is carved into the rock of a hill of sandstone. At its origin, entry into the mountain discovered the four giants that open the way to the interior of the temple. Today, it keeps that input to give idea of its original location but the giants are on the other side of the huge hill, discovered, and confronted with the majestic lake. They measure 19 meters in height and 4 meters from ear to ear.

Abu Simbel - Temple of Nefertari

Abu Simbel - Temple of Nefertari

In front of the temple, stands the dedicated to Queen Nefertari, the favorite wife of Ramses II who, it is estimated, had about 40 wives and more than 200 children. It is the first temple erected to a Queen in ancient Egypt. The giants of its facade, 11 meters tall, representing Ramses II and the Queen.

Aswan: We came to this town in which to spend the night on the boat which we will make the cruise on the Nile.