Day 2: Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, Big Sur

Hearst Castle

A halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is the Historic Park Hearst / San Simeon. The publisher Hearst directed the construction of a castle that lasted nearly 30 years.

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Day 3: Carmel, Monterey


The Monterey peninsula is a fortunate mixture of the Spanish heritage with the agitation of the influx of international communities. Its bay and hills have been evoked by poets, artists and photographers.

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Day 4: San Francisco (Downtown), Muir Woods

San Francisco

The most representative of the city are its steep streets and picturesque streetcars. Saint Mary´s Cathedral is the new cathedral of San Francisco, built in 1970 on the ancient basilica.

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Day 5: San Francisco (Golden gate), Berkley

Golden Gate

The most remarkable architectural work is the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects the city with Sausalito, at north of the bay. It measures 67 meters above water level, and he nearly daily circulation is 120,000 vehicles.

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Day 6: Yosemite


In the Sierra Central is the Yosemite National Park. Yosemite Valley, is one of the most incredible geological spectacles in the world. Yosemite, is a valley created by glaciers that were displaced by the Merced River canyon.

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Day 7: Mono Lake, Death Valley, Las Vegas

Las Vegas

In the Death Valley floor shines silently in the heat. The air is so clear that the distances are shortened. Death Valley is usually the hottest and the driest place on North America. In the summer, the temperatureexceeds 50° C.

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Day 8: Lake Mead, Zion


First, We will see the majestic Hoover Dam. Zion Natural Park is famous for its deep canyons, its monolithic stone sculptures, lush forests and rivers and a wide range of colors, a mix of magenta, blue and vermilion.

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Day 9: Bryce Canyon, Glenn Canyon

Bryce Canyon

The Bryce Canyon National Park is not just a canyon but a dozen small gullies eroded into the east side of the mountain range. This erosion has resulted in thousands of bizarre and fragile formations of rock.

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Day 10: Monument Valley, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Name Arizona immediately evoke one of the seven wonders of the World: world, the Grand Canyon. With nearly 2 km deep, and between 7 and 30 km wide is home to a variety of shapes, colors and brightness that are impossible to reproduce.

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Day 11: Oak Creek Canyon, Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle

Montezuma´s Castle is a castle built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, on the vertical slope of the mountain. The castle, comprising 20 rooms, is accessible only by exterior stairs and it is assumed that was built by the Sinagua Indians.

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Day 12: San Diego (Seaworld)


Sea World runs on a land of 40 hectares, just in front of Mission Bay. The main attraction of the park of marine life is the Shamu show, with its giant killer whales that perform dramatic feats.

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Day 13: San Diego (Downtown)

San Diego

Visit the old town, with many mud houses, the Gas Lamp Quarter, a national historic district and the charming Mission Bay. The Balboa Park, one of the biggest attractions is the cultural heart of the city with 16 museums and the popular San Diego Zoo.

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Day 14: Los Angeles (Universal studios)

Estudios Universal

Universal Studios, offer a tour divided into two parts, beginning with a demonstration of the production of a film. The second part presents live shows and exciting attractions with themes of the most popular films of Universal.

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Day 15: Los Angeles (Disneyland)


1955 was the year in which the genius of Walt Disney built the first Disneyland near Los Angeles, whose organization in thematic areas and the festive atmosphere and music have served as a model for the thousands of parks that have proliferated in the world.

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Day 16: Los Angeles (Downtown)

Los Angeles

A visit to Los Angeles means an opportunity to explore Hollywood, the mecca of cinema. The most notable is the Max Factor Museum, the Chinese Theater, where the hands and feet of celebrities are on the floor and Hollywood Hills, home of the big actors.

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Day 17: Los Angeles (Longbeach, Inglewood)


Further south of Los Angeles is Long Beach, with their long beaches and summer booths. In this place is located the Queen Mary. You can go aboard and enjoy his excellent cuisine, and remember the memory of the past.

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