Travel to the West coast of United States

Day 7 Mono Lake - Las Vegas (600 Km.)

Mono Lake: Mono Lake is located in a desert and has about 700,000 years old, remains one of the oldest lakes in North America. Since then, it has accumulated salts and minerals from the surrounding mountains. While the water has evaporated often, these materials have remained in the background, making it 2.5 times more salty and 80 times more alkaline than the ocean. In a place like this, swimmers can not sink, but their skin suffers from high levels of alkalinity.

Mono Lake is a place very extreme for live, but nevertheless has its own ecosystem. Highlights a huge number of flies and micro-organisms such as diatoms, filamentous algae and cyanobacteria.

Mono Lake

Mono Lake - Tufas and Sierra Nevada

In the Mono Lake there are structures that grow over time, when calcium-rich water bubbles from the lake, where there is an abundance of bicarbonate. Both elements are combined, precipitating as limestone. Towers of up to four meters high, called tufas, are formed and are visible because the water level has dropped to supply water to the city of Los Angeles.

Mono Lake

Mono Lake - Tufa

(in 375 Km.) Death Valley: In the Death Valley floor shines silently in the heat. The air is so clear that the distances are shortened, and perhaps save a remnant of a cloud, the sky is a deep blue. Death Valley is usually the hottest and the driest place on North America. In the summer, the temperatureexceeds 50° C. The highest temperature in Death Valley was recorded in

In the north of the park are Ubehebe Crater and Scotty´s Castle. Ubehebe Crater is 722 meters of diameter and was formed about a thousand years ago during a tremendous volcanic eruption. Begun in 1922, the castle was built as a vacation home for a wealthy American.

In the east of the park, from Father Crowley Point there are spectacular views. A little further, a 13km road is going to Lee Flat, where there are many Joshua trees.

The Harmony Borax Works is located about 2 km north of Furnace Creek camp. Harmony Borax dates from 1883 and was the first factory of borax successful in Death Valley.

Death Valley

Death Valley - Borax mine

Near the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, a 38-km road runs through the picturesque region of Furnace Creek Wash to reach Dante's View. From Dante's View, there is a panoramic view of the valley. Among the other points of interest along the route is a magnificent view at Zabriskie Point, and a route for round Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Golden Canyon is located 5 km south of Furnace Creek. You can spend an hour or more in exploring this canyon full of colors. From Stovepipe Wells, one can go to Mosaic Canyon. Immediately after entering the canyon, there is a section of 800 meters of polished marble. The Sand Dunes, east of Stovepipe Wells, offer a lot of opportunities for short walks or a full day.

Death Valley

Death Valley - Sand Dunes

South of Furnace Creek, a short path of land goes to the Devil´s Golf Course. There, the ground is covered with large blocks of jagged salt. A little further is Artist´s Drive, which passes through a field full of wild colors.

In the south of the park road follows the edge of the saltwater lagoon. The road descends below sea level from Furnace Creek and does not rise until after Ashford Mill. At Badwater (the basin of bad water) you are at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. It is 86 meters below sea level.

(in 225 Km.) Las Vegas: Las Vegas is the capital of gambling and entertainment, the cheapest place, it seems strange, sleeping and eating. The city just say that it is like a big casino, operating 24 hours, all the Days of the year. Throughout the world famous Las Vegas Strip are aligned a variety of opulent hotels and casinos, where you can enjoy shows with familiar stars and the most exciting musical revues. The most notable are the MGM, Caesars Palace, Circus Circus and Excalibur. You must go to the Downtown in Las Vegas and the famous Glitter Gulch, where the bright neon lights turn night into day.

Las Vegas - Casino

Las Vegas - Flamingo