Travel to the West coast of United States

Day 8 Las Vegas - Bryce Canyon (491 Km.)

(in 48 Km.) Lake Mead: Visit Lake Mead, one of the largest artificial lakes, and later we will see the majestic Hoover Dam, one of the largest in the world, where they filmed scenes from the movie Superman.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead from Visitor Center

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

(in 303 Km.) Zion N.P.: Zion Natural Park is famous for its deep canyons, its monolithic stone sculptures, lush forests and rivers and a wide range of colors, a mix of magenta, blue and vermilion.

Zion - White Throne

Zion N.P. - White Throne

Covering over 71,000 hectares (147,000 acres), the park is composed of a variety of elevations from 1230 meters (3700 feet), up almost 3000 meters (8726 feet) above sea level. The terrain changes from desert to forest and crosses a river that forms a canyon known as the Narrows.

Zion - Temple of Sinawava

Zion N.P. - Temple of Sinawava

The weather and temperature in the area are equally diverse, reaching over 38 degrees C (100 degrees F) in summer while the highest elevations are often covered with snow during the winter months.

(in 140 Km.) P.N. Bryce Canyon. We slept on the outskirts of the park.