Travel to Norway

Day 6 Røldal - Bergen (261 Km.)

From Røldal we continue in north direction across the scenic Route 13.



Låtefossen: Alongside Route 13, 15 kilometers before Odda, we stopped at this famous twin waterfall. Its total height is 165 meters and its water comes from Lake Lotevatnet. Some kilometers later the road runs near the Sørfjord (a branch of the Hardangerfjord) and offers views of the glacier Folgefonna.

(in 112 Km.) Vøringfossen: From Brimnes there are 18 kilometers to the Waterfall Voring and the same to go back. It has a vertical fall of 145 meters, and a total fall is 182 meters. Although there are many ways to contemplate the waterfall and the valley of the vertical wall, can often see the falls from the top and bottom viewpoints. We encourage you to make the path to the foot of the waterfall (the starting point is on the Rv 7).



(in 49 Km.) Hardanger: Considered the garden of the Norwegian fjords. Arriving here surrounded by waterfalls. You can travel by the Troll train to the beautiful routes Mäboladen.

We take the ferry Brimnes-Bruravik which costs NOK 16 per person and NOK 20 per car (30 ferries a day).

(in 100 Km.) Bergen: We arrived at night at this population. There is a parking in the city for motorhomes to stay the night, but it is not camping.