Travel to Norway

Day 10 Gausdal - Lillehammer - Karlstad (380 Km.)

(in 142 Km.) Gausdal: Peer Gynt Vegen is a mountain road 60 km long, passing through some of Norway´s most beautiful mountains and is the main mountain road thorugh the Gudbrandsdal valley, leading you straight into the realm of Peer Gynt.


Bosleigh on the outskirts of Lillehammer

(in 18 Km.) Lillehammer: Lillehammer was host city of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. It is known for being a typical venue for winter sporting events. Lysgårdsbakken Stadion is a ski jump hill in Lillehammer. It was used as arena for ski jumping (K90, K120 and team events) and Nordic combination (K90 and team events), as well as the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1994 Winter Olympics. The stadium holds a maximum of 40,000 spectators, and was built in 1993. In addition to the Olympic site, Lillehammer offers a number of other tourist attractions as the Maihaugen, centrally located in Lillehammer, is the largest open air museum in Norway, with 185 buildings, mostly from Lillehammer town and the valley of Gudbrandsdalen.


Lillehammer - Lysgårdsbakken Stadion

(in 220 Km.) We went towards Stockholm and sleep near Karlstad, in Sweden.